What Questions Should CISOs Ask?

In this episode of Life as a CISO Dr. Eric Cole explains why questions are your greatest tool for your success.

He also gives you many of the questions you will need to change your security mindset from a business disabler to a business enabler.

By asking the right questions of your executives and comparing their answers to your own you can find all of the pain points in your current strategies and go about tailoring your security to fit what is priority for the business as a whole.

Join Dr. Cole in learning how to utilize questions as a way to revolutionize your effectiveness as a CISO.

In this episode:

  • 0:00 This show is all about how to be a world class CISO
  • 0:40 What are the key questions a CISO should be asking
  • 1:14 What is your role in cybersecurity?
  • 2:48 Every individual is a target, and cybersecurity is everybody’s responsibility
  • 4:20 Cyber security is strategic, not technological
  • 5:18 The user plays a role in cybersecurity
  • 6:55 Who makes security decisions?
  • 9:02 Security should have guard rails
  • 11:30 Law of security
  • 12:30 What you need to know about your organization
  • 15:45 What happens when a world class security engineer gets a CISO title
  • 16:23 What could have the biggest impact on the business?
  • 17:34 Cyber security is understanding risk
  • 20:54 Giving an accurate assessment
  • 22:10 Spending money wisely
  • 23:13 Review and wrap up