What is the career path of a CISO?

In this episode, Dr. Eric Cole takes you through some of the different paths that you can use to become a CISO.

A CISO must be able to go between the two worlds of executives and security engineers, which are two different cultures with their own discrete languages and priorities.

So you have to have a background in one, then reach out to find mentorship in the other. 

Join Dr. Cole to find out how to begin your CISO journey now.

In this episode:

  • 0:18 What is the career path for a CISO?
  • 0:25 What two skills does a CISO need to have?
  • 1:00 A technical discussion with the technical team and an executive discussion with the executives
  • 3:54 What is the difference between these two talks?
  • 6:54 If you’re fighting me on this, you are still thinking like a world class security engineer
  • 8:21 Do you know the financials?
  • 9:40 The first 2 types of CISOs: Struggling CISOs
  • 10:55 The third type: They think they aren’t struggling
  • 12:09 One of them looks at their watch…
  • 13:26 How was the meeting?
  • 14:11 Smart people know the right answers, brilliant people ask the right questions
  • 15:57 Do you really want to be a CISO?
  • 17:32 What the CISO did wrong in that situation
  • 19:53 If you want to be a CISO, this is what you need to do
  • 22:56 You will get the job if you do this
  • 25:27 Start reaching out to C-level suite
  • 28:07 Many people are not CISOs
  • 29:42 Options
  • 31:34 What to say to a CISO to get him to mentor you
  • 33:32 Wrap up