We Are In A Cyber Crisis

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole expresses the cyber crisis we are in today.

The crisis of the Russian Hackers.

This breach not only made headlines but it also exploited vulnerabilities in our federal government and vital infrastructure.

Most of us don’t realize how vulnerable we are to cyber attacks. No matter how large or small a target you are, if you have functionality, you have a vulnerability.

Listen to this episode and learn what’s most important to becoming a successful CISO or cybersecurity engineer and take advantage of this opportunity and make your case to employers that you can be the CISO that keeps their organization safe and enables their business.

In this episode:

  • 0:29 As a cybersecurity expert, sometimes I wish I wasn’t always right
  • 1:04 Covid accelerated the cyber security crisis
  • 2:14 Be careful what you ask for
  • 4:18 What now?
  • 4:30 Now is a good opportunity
  • 5:32 Enron as a comparison
  • 7:03 Did Solar winds really impact your life?
  • 9:54 What is needed to properly protect your organization?
  • 11:23 In January of 2020, I attended a conference in Saudi Arabia
  • 13:45 If you say your organization hasn’t been breached, you are just in the dark
  • 14:58 Like the law of gravity, the law of cybersecurity is impossible to contradict
  • 16:07 Make sure you shift your perspective to timely detection, not total security
  • 17:34 The difference between a minor breach and a major one
  • 18:29 Cyber security is the number one threat, we are a target
  • 19:03 Shift the conversation from if to when
  • 19:26 Put together a clear metric
  • 22:36 Most executives have no clue how many attempted attacks happen
  • 24:24 World class CISOS take advantage of every opportunity