Most businesses recognize the critical need to implement security measures in the office. Now that people can connect to wireless networks through their mobile devices, new technologies are breaking down office walls. And according to any security expert, this raises serious concerns. Businesses whose employees travel, work from home, or simply view important documents on their laptops or smartphones anywhere they go are exposing critical data to hackers, cybercriminals, and other security breaches. Here we will focus on tips for staying protected while traveling, straight from a computer security specialist.

Backup your mobile devices – including laptops and cell phones – before taking that important business trip. If you have any important information stored on them that you won’t need during the trip – don’t bring it with you. When you return you will be able to put any and all of this data back onto your devices if necessary.

Any security expert will tell you to make sure your anti-virus software is current. This will prevent your devices from being infected by dangerous viruses and malware that can damage your system and affect important data files. It is important to have this software enabled during the entire trip. Taking a vacation from your anti-virus security software is a mistake that can cost you critical information, or worse – your job.

Use a hard-wired connection whenever you can. Sure wireless networks are convenient, but they carry a higher risk of security breaches. Many hotels come equipped with a cable you can use, but if you don’t see one in the room, ask the front desk. If you must use a wireless connection, either at the hotel or in the airport, only use encrypted hotspots for maximum protection.