No matter what type of business you run these days an online presence is a must, and with that obligation comes the need for cyber security to protect your company and customers. Online hackers are at an all-time high and so is the need for your business to hire a cyber security consultant like Dr. Eric Cole.

In case you’re questioning whether or not your company needs Dr. Cole to help keep your valuable digital information secure, here are some of the top reasons to have a cyber security consultant working for you.

  1. Reduces Possible Attacks

When you hire Dr. Cole as your cyber security consultant, he will work to stop possible attacks on all of your online platforms, including your company’s website, mobile apps, or your office IT infrastructure. A security consultant often time can mitigate an incident before it becomes too serious.

  1. Attacker and Defender

As a cyber security expert with almost 30 years of experience, Dr. Cole defends your computer by going on the attack. He is familiar with all the inner workings of popular hacking technologies and frameworks and as a result can secure your website by being one step ahead.

  1. Cost Less

Some companies, particularly startups, can struggle to find the funds to hire a full-time employee to oversee their cyber defense. A cyber security consultant like Dr. Cole can reduce these budget strains while still keeping your company secure.

  1. Handles Incidents

No one is perfect and hackers can be very sneaky. If a website or other online platform is hacked and data is stolen, Dr. Cole can advise the best and fastest solutions to overcome the attack. He will also investigate the incident and do everything he can to stop something similar from happening again.