Top Cyber Threats in 2021: What’s Hot and What’s Not

In this episode, Dr. Eric Cole list the things that are HOT and NOT
in the world of cybersecurity.

This doesn’t mean everything that’s “hot,” is good.

In fact many things that are hot are bad habits, bad mindsets, or bad strategies.

Listen to this episode to find out how to avoid the mistakes of something “hot” that is bad, and what you should do instead.

In this episode:

  • 0:23 What’s hot and what’s not – CISO edition
  • 3:08 Robust (2-FA) access control
  • 4:24 Air Gap systems are good for specialized uses.
  • 6:23 Systems designed be be air gapped, but are connected to the internet, are less secure
  • 7:32 Home offices are new offices
  • 10:48 Thin clients solve many problems: Removes the local storage
  • 12:05 Companies moved overnight to home computers, including old computers
  • 14:16 Hot: Blaming advanced adversaries rather than taking responsibility for not having proper security.
  • 19:36 Hot: Believing we can stop 100% of attacks.
  • 21:43 Any time you are crossing trust levels, go through a firewall/DMZ
  • 24:32 Hot: zero trust security. Not: AI
  • 29:19 If you’re telling me you didn’t get attacked, you did it and don’t know it
  • 30:08 Hot: Implementing 90% security. Not: Not understand how the adversary really works
  • 32:33 Hot: Ignoring security and thinking it will go away. Not: Recognizing that cybersecurity is the number 1 threat