The Internet offers small businesses a competitive advantage in a tough market thanks to the exposure they receive online. However, while they can compete with larger businesses online in terms of marketing and visibility, their IT budgets and security efforts simply can’t keep up. Cybercriminals realize that small businesses are easy targets because they are less likely to have a security plan in place. Here are tips for small businesses from a cyber security expert whose personal mission is to secure organizations by creating solutions to unique and complex computer problems.

Create an Internet Policy
One of the best ways to keep critical data protected is by establishing guidelines and boundaries for employees, no matter how small the organization may be. An Internet use policy lets employees know what software and files are okay to download, how to create strong passwords, and which websites cannot be viewed while surfing the Web. Any security expert would agree that letting employees know their responsibilities when it comes to using the Internet is the first step towards a comprehensive security plan.

Install the Latest Anti-Virus Software
Most new computers come with anti-virus and anti-malware programs installed. However, an experienced cyber security expert recommends going above and beyond these basic software packages by purchasing a comprehensive security suite. Not only do they detect threats, but they automatically repair the system every time viruses or malware is detected. According to a computer security specialist, increasing the protection of critical data by paying for additional safety features is worth the investment because it brings small business owners the peace of mind they need.

Secure Wireless Connections
Some business owners do not secure their wireless connections because they don’t realize how important this step is when it comes to protecting the company’s information. If they had the same knowledge and experience as a trained cyber security expert, they would realize just how serious this threat is. Here are a few simple steps business owners can take to secure these connections:
• Change passwords regularly
• Add a VPN service
• Limit access to the network