The Top Cybersecurity Trends and Predictions for 2021

On this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole makes some major predictions for 2021.

These predictions are about responsibility and liability.

CISO, although it’s right there in the name “CHIEF information security officer,” is not always treated as an equal among other C-level employees.

In 2021, Dr. Eric Cole predicts that this will change.

This is related to the prediction about data liability and privacy laws.

Listen to today’s episode to found out more about Dr. Eric Coles predictions in 2021.

In this episode:


0:33 Predictions

1:20 Will there be an increase in cyber attacks?

2:18 Cybersecurity is not a partisan issue

4:15 Too many people don’t understand how important cybersecurity is

4:51 An air gap network is designed to not be connected to the internet

5:20 I hope we use a dictionary in 2021

6:45 I’ve been in these meetings

7:45 Executives make risk-based decisions all the time, I just want them aware of the risk

10:07 Organizations are going to understand what a CISO is in 2021.

10:58 Why this is happening

11:39 A CISO is a “Strategic/chief role

12:54 The 4 things a CISO must communicate to the CEO

13:40 CISOs will have a seat at the table

16:05 The problem in many organisations is that the CISO isn’t treated like a chief.

16:52 Could an airplane mechanic be a good pilot?

19:53 The number one items were huge

20:21 The US has no federal data protection law. That may change soon.

22:49 Data liability laws may come soon

24:13 Nation state attacks still use low-sophisticated methods

25:31 Congress can’t fix cyber security, companies have to take responsibility

28:08 Wrap up