The thoughts and communication skills that will make you a world-class CISO

In this week of Life of a CISO Dr. Eric Cole discusses the mindset of a CISO and what role that plays in how you communicate with the executives.

Executives need to understand cybersecurity in terms that they understand, not confusing technical jargon. If you are able to make executives understand you, then you can be an effective CISO.

Join Dr. Cole to learn how to create a successful mindset that allows you to communicate with the executives like a World Class CISO.

In this episode:

  • 2:33 Stories
  • 4:33 I can give you all the tips and tricks
  • 5:20 If you believe you are a world-class CISO, you would be one
  • 7:06 Skills and expertise are one reason why you may not be successful, but it isn’t the only one
  • 9:48 The good news is that because there’s a demand for CISOs, you can get a job even if you’re a world class security engineer at heart
  • 12:09 A story about a person sitting on a bench
  • 13:03 A second couple comes up to the person
  • 13:44 The town is based on what your thoughts were to begin with.
  • 15:32 You have to believe you are
  • 15:56 Executives want to hear from you
  • 17:58 The number one challenge organizations face is executives don’t understand cybersecurity
  • 20:47 Executives bring me in because they need someone to speak their language
  • 22:25 Ask questions.
  • 22:43 Do I get invited back?
  • 25:55 If you see people nodding off or checking their phones, change it up