The Soft Skills You Need to be an Effective CISO

On today’s episode, Dr. Eric Cole teaches the two soft skills you need to become an effective CISO.

These skills will serve you not only in a professional capacity, but will help you in every area of your life.

In this episode, Dr. Eric Cole provides examples and exercises to help you learn and implement these skills into your daily life.

If you follow this advice, it will help you not just be a good CISO, but be a good leader.

Listen to this episode to learn the two soft skills you need to become an effective CISO.

In this episode:

  • 0:05 Intro
  • 0:47 Being a good communicator
  • 1:30 Communication comes down to having good habits
  • 2:00 Follow this 1 rule and it will change your life: Listen before you speak
  • 3:05 How I followed my own rule with my daughter
  • 5:15 Rule 2: Always put yourself in the other person’s position
  • 6:22 Don’t actually treat everyone the same way
  • 7:06 Make sure you differentiate facts from opinions
  • 7:27 Example: Employee was late
  • 10:16 Get better at this by building habits
  • 12:45 The lengths can vary depending on the day, but always do it
  • 13:45 How not to cram
  • 16:05 You don’t need more time, you need to use the time you have more wisely
  • 18:05 An exercise you can do
  • 21:09 Your habits before and after work is what you optimize
  • 21:53 What are your goals
  • 23:38 Successful people plan their whole day
  • 28:15 You need to get the soft skills down
  • 28:43 Thinking time
  • 30:35 Thinking time exercise: No idea is too stupid
  • 33:27 Wrap up