The Impact Of COVID19 In Cybersecurity

On today’s episode, Dr. Eric Cole explains how being a master of change is one of the characteristics that makes a successful CISO.

Covid-19 has changed cyber security (as it has with everything) permanently. It has created a new normal.

A CISO needs to be able to adapt to these changes, not by changing around the edges, but by embracing the new normal from the ground up.

In order to do that, a CISO must be a master of change.

Listen to this episode to learn how to embrace and master change.

In this episode:

  • 0:42 A couple of questions.
  • 0:58 Do you do whatever it takes to be successful? (Meaning do you do small tasks)
  • 4:23 If you get defensive when you hear someone speak, that indicates you should listen
  • 5:25 The CISO creates the plan, the technical team executes the plan
  • 7:09 What is a chief security officer?
  • 7:57 Why physical and cybersecurity work together, but rarely are the same team/person
  • 10:05 Readjusting to the “new normal”
  • 11:20 Why working from home is the biggest game-changer
  • 14:44 What is “platform agnostic?”
  • 15:20 Home networks weren’t designed for business-level security and traffic
  • 18:22 It’s safer and cheaper to send employees new computers
  • 20:43 Having to maintain infrastructure doesn’t make sense
  • 22:33 How to calculate security costs
  • 24:04 Promotional scale
  • 24:30 The cloud keeps costs fixed
  • 27:10 Modern laptops are equal to servers from a few years ago
  • 29:20 Rise of thin clients
  • 31:30 Look at the big picture, not ask “what about?”
  • 33:16 Good CISOs are masters of change