The Coming Cyber Crysis

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole continues his assessment of the cyber crisis that is already happening.

Cyber attacks are no longer about lone attackers wanting to prove some kind of point or cause random mayhem, they calculate risk/reward just like any other organization, and go after the targets most likely to be vulnerable to attack and pay the largest amount of money.

Learn how organizations can defend themselves against different types of attacks, and keep their data more secure.

In this episode:

  • 0:31 Have you planted the seeds of greatness?
  • 1:08How to start succeeding by programming your mind
  • 2:30 You might think I’m crazy…and you’re right
  • 4:06 Seeing is NOT believing
  • 5:19 Document how you feel every morning and see how you feel at night
  • 6:55 Ransomware and supply side attacks
  • 8:57 Executives must know the rapid commercialization of cybercriminal activity
  • 9:22 The risk/reward vector for criminals
  • 11:10 Do an honest assessment of your network
  • 12:47 Cyber security is not about your budget
  • 14:17 It’s about the foundational items and detection
  • 15:07 Most organizations are spending way too much money on prevention and not enough of detection
  • 15:57 Reliance on cyber infrastructure
  • 17:30 The new normal
  • 19:24 There is something you can do
  • 19:45 The 4 types of attackers
  • 21:33 Supply chain attackers are the most vulnerable
  • 23:30 People behave differently when they are responsible
  • 24:45 How engaged are you in the process of signing contracts that affect cyber security? 24:50 Heavy segmentation
  • 27:10 Servers and Clients
  • 29:55 Critical data must be private, keys never stored with the data
  • 31:57 The end point