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Secure Anchor Approach to Security Risk Assessment

In a full security risk assessment, Secure Anchor addresses our client’s network and technology issues along with workflow, physical security, human resource, and corporate policy implications to security.

By looking at the network holistically, from both internal and external perspectives, the assessment uncovers potential weaknesses, exploitation repercussions, and defensive countermeasures for specific critical information assets.

Once we analyze the results of the assessment, we provide specific recommendations for mitigating risks and improving the client’s security posture. Secure Anchor provides clear and concise near-, mid-, and long-term recommendations. Some are targeted for CTO/CIO action, while others include technical details.

All our recommendations are geared toward immediate implementation so clients can take full advantage of increased security at the earliest possible date.

Ultimately, the result of any security risk assessment is a greater understanding of the threat to an organization, the cost to the organization of security breaches, and the understanding and eventual implementation of effective countermeasures to respond to network and system threats.