Too many people in business focus more on money than time, and that’s a huge problem. Your most valuable asset is TIME, not money.

I am often called into court as an Expert Witness. When you’re called in to testify (as an Expert Witness), your rates become public.

I had another expert approach me and say, “Wow… I wish my rate was as high as your rate… then, I’d be in really great shape.

I looked at him and said, “You’re missing the point. I’m never going to get rich on hourly work. Even if the rate is high, time is limited.

That’s what’s so interesting about it… whether it’s Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, or yours truly, the one thing that we all have in common is that we all have 24 hours in a day and 7 days per week to accomplish what we need to accomplish. So it doesn’t matter if you make $200 or even $500 per hour, it’s how you utilize your time.

How are you spending your time? And are you using it in the most efficient manner?

Success can be defined in many different ways, but if you want to accomplish your goals and dreams, start managing your time more effectively.

Where are you wasting time everyday? Where can you get more efficient?

The solution is NOT to stay up 20 hours. The human body needs sleep. We need rest. People who claim to be more productive on only 4 hours of sleep are full of crap. They are tired, exhausted, and do not operate as well. Yes, if it’s demanded, you might be able to do it once in awhile, but less sleep is not a long term solution. Rather, the long term solution is to sleep more and be more efficient when you are awake.

If you’re frustrated that you’re not achieving your goals, you want to be more productive, and you want to take it to the next level… account for your time.

It’s a little painful, but one of my favorite exercises (that I actually do!) is to once every 3 months, for 7 days, at 15 minute intervals, write down everything that I’m doing.

Whether I was on a call, checking email, or just sitting around looking at the sky, I’d write it all down. After doing that for a week, sometimes my response is, “Holy crap! I waste a lot of time,”  I’ve found way too much down time or wasted time.

A friend of mine did this exercise and learned that he was wasting 14 hours per week watching t.v. My big issue was that I was spending over 27 hours a week in front of my email inbox. Now I limit the time I spend checking my email to 30 minutes each morning and 1 hour in the evenings. If it’s important, my assistant can handle it, otherwise it’ll have to wait.

You have to be smart about how to use your time.

Watch where your time is currently going. Look at the areas where it’s being wasted.

If your time management improves, so will your success, because your time is how your success is truly measured.

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