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USA Does Not Care About Cybersecurity

The United States government does not care about cybersecurity! Yes, that’s a harsh statement. I wish it wasn’t true. As an American citizen, it actually breaks my heart. I [...]

NEWS Ch 8: Election Cybersecurity

Election Cybersecurity Dr. Eric Cole discusses how our election poles are at risk of being hacked, & what our states should do about it. [...]

Biggest Cybersecurity Threat Revealed

If most people were asked what the biggest cybersecurity threat is, the typical answer would involve the Russians, the Chinese, competitors, and foreign adversaries.  Essentially the answers would focus on [...]

Reboot Your Router

In recent news, the FBI recommends that you reboot your router.  While good advice, a lot of the news articles to do not really address why this is important and [...]

Back to the Basics - The Road Less Stupid In any area of your life, you must understand the basics before moving on to advanced areas, but in security we [...]

CBS: Smart Hotels

Smart Hotels Dr. Eric Cole tells CBS News Travel Editor, Peter Greenberg, about the pros and cons of hotels going smart.

Stores Mag – Looking for Trouble

Looking for Trouble Dr. Eric Cole, cyber security expert and CEO of cyber security consulting firm Secure Anchor Consulting, tells Stores Magazine why a proactive approach is best [...]

Adopting a Cyber Safety Family Policy

Dr. Cole talks with Good Day DC about steps parents can take to implement a cyber safety family policy around the use of devices and etiquette on social media.


Dr. Eric Cole tells Forbes that since you can't prevent every attack, expect to get hacked and be prepared with ways to minimize the damage.