Making Executives Understand You

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole explains the importance of talking to executives in a language that they understand.

This episode goes beyond avoiding technical security lingo and instead begins explaining how to communicate to executives that they must take an active role in cybersecurity.

Join Dr. Cole in learning how to explain to executives why security is a priority.

In this episode:

  • 0:56 Check in
  • 2:01 Write down your objectives
  • 3:04 What have you done to move towards that goal?
  • 4:25 What network events are you going to?
  • 6:08 How to improve your interview skills
  • 7:44 Why you may want to wait
  • 10:33 Communicate in business language
  • 12:04 Why you must communicate that 100% security does not exist
  • 14:47 What happens when a company suffers a breach?
  • 16:03 The goal of cyber security is to have timely detection and damage control
  • 17:48 Cybersecurity is an enterprise problem
  • 18:45 Cyber security must be a KPI for every business
  • 20:56 Don’t ask for authority, transfer responsibility
  • 22:17 Executives must understand that cyber security is a decision, not a binary
  • 27:23 You can have the best online security, but if you don’t have a culture of security, you’re going to have a breach