Dive into today’s episode where Dr. Cole talks about the life of a CISO and why this role is vital to the success and security of any organization.

The reality is that 100% security is not achievable.  So what do we do this to ensure critial data is being monitored and managed properly.  Find out in today’s episode!

In this episode:

  • 1:11 What is a CISO
  • 3:00 You can’t prevent all cyber attacks
  • 7:24 Avoid all extremes
  • 8:00 What’s the value or benefit?
  • 8:58 What’s the risk or exposure?
  • 11:44 The old school approach doesn’t work anymore
  • 15:36 The CISO’s main responsibility
  • 17:51 What is the Risk?
  • 20:43 CISO’s allow business to function and be successful
  • 22:09 Cybersecurity is a business enabler
  • 27:08 If security negatively impact the business, then security is wrong
  • 31:18 Strategy V.S. Tactics