When it comes to corporate events, conferences, and retreats, nothing is worse than a boring guest speaker. Unless the audience is properly informed and entertained, the message could fall flat, causing the entire event to lose steam. In order to keep the momentum going during these events, it’s important to choose a keynote speaker who is credible, professional, and charismatic all at the same time. Here are some of the things to look for in an effective data security keynote speaker to maximize the impact of your next big event.


Dr. Eric Cole has extensive experience as a cyber-security expert. He has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the industry, in which he thrives on creating new companies, organizations, and products. Dr. Cole is an expert witness in cyber security, which is a testament to his broad background in the computer world as well as his professional and approachable demeanor in everything he does. This experience has helped him become a knowledgeable keynote speaker who can turn complex topics into simple concepts.


The key to an effective guest speaker is being able to entertain an entire room while remaining professional, credible, and knowledgeable. Taking a potentially boring topic like Internet security and turning it into an interesting presentation isn’t easy, but Dr. Cole is able to bring technology topics to life. Full of practical information based on his personal experiences, Dr. Cole’s presentations continue to captivate audiences and inspire people to apply his solutions to their everyday lives. Read some of the sample topics he has addressed during his career as a data security keynote speaker by clicking here.
If you are looking for a guest speaker who can provide practical solutions to complex business problems, contact Dr. Eric Cole. As an experienced data security keynote speaker, his meaningful presentations can help your organization embrace technology in a safe, secure, and beneficial way.