If you want to be a World Class CISO,

you need to have a seat at the table

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Cole talks about getting a seat at the table.

The executive table, that is. If you want to be a world class CISO, you have to be invited to the board room and be involved in executive-level decisions, just like the CEO, CIO, CFO, etc.

If you’re not a “Chief” Information Security Officer, you aren’t a CISO.

Join Dr. Cole in learning how to elevate yourself from a security engineer with a new title to an actual chief executive in your organization.

In this episode:

  • 0:44 Should a CISO have a seat at the boardroom? Yes.
  • 2:33 The one area that companies are least prepared for an attack is cybersecurity
  • 3:37 Why wouldn’t you want a CISO sitting at the table?
  • 5:05 Are you 100% focused on cybersecurity?
  • 6:30 Security can’t be buried under IT
  • 7:15 The CISO, not the CIO, should be at the executive table
  • 8:35 How can you do the job of a CISO if you aren’t at the table?
  • 10:32 It boggles my mind that common sense is not common practice
  • 11:07 What if I’m buried under the CIO?
  • 12:22 A CIO is never going to think about cybersecurity decisions the way a CISO would
  • 13:17 Even if you’ve done it, it doesn’t mean it’s good
  • 14:05 Build an ally
  • 14:40 If you’re a seasoned CISO, don’t work under the CIO
  • 15:42 Ask these questions
  • 17:20 “Little C” CISO
  • 19:03 Do you really want a seat at the table?
  • 20:40 If you don’t go to meetings, you want to be a security engineer
  • 22:35 How to meet with executives
  • 22:59 Attend board meetings
  • 23:19 This happened 6 months later
  • 24:24 Make sure it’s what you really want
  • 26:42 The biggest mistake you can make is thinking you can do both
  • 27:40 Nothing wrong with being a security engineer
  • 28:24 If you make decisions only based on money, you will regret them
  • 29:00 Wrap up