In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole discusses the importance of using cybersecurity as a business enabler. As part of being a world-class CISO, one must be a business enabler. This means understanding and accepting that a C-level title equates to being an executive or leader in cybersecurity. To be a world-class leader you must be able to inflict actions and communication that promotes positive outcomes for the business. 

Watch this episode to get an insight on how to use cybersecurity as a business enabler in your current C-level position.

In this episode:

  • 0:30– World-Class CISOs think and act differently
  • 1:10– CISOs are problem solvers
  • 1:30– How do you make cybersecurity a business enabler
  • 5:00– Being World-Class CISO be very aware of your behavior
  • 13:00– Questions you want to ask yourself
  • 15:30– Get invited to board meetings and executive get-togethers
  • 15:50– Most of the CISOs are not in the internal C-circle
  • 16:00– Address the issue and then fix it
  • 17:30– Shift to move to an executive role
  • 18:00– Cybersecurity is an integral part of the organization
  • 22:00– Brief your meetings as a CISO
  • 24:13– CISOs should not just be technical security engineers
  • 26:00– Do not stay as an engineer for long if you want to convert into a CISO
  • 26:30– Cybersecurity is a business problem
  • 28:00– Ask about the revenue, profit, competitors, and growth curve
  • 29:00– CISOs are an executive