How to Prevent Cyber Attacks in 2021

(3 Ninja Tricks for CISO’s)

Join Dr. Eric Cole in today’s episode as he reveals 3 ninja tricks that are invaluable tools for any CISO.

If you have these 3 tools, you are one step closer to being a great CISO.

Listen to this episode and grab the tools so you can implement this strategy within your organization today!

In this episode:

  • 0:14 The three tools you must master
  • 0:48 Q&A: Do I believe that cybersecurity is failing right now?
  • 2:00 Cybersecurity is about timely detection, not 100% security
  • 2:42 Most, not all, of organizations, need improvement
  • 4:20 Let data drive decisions, not emotions
  • 5:20 These organizations are failing because they have servers they don’t manage well
  • 7:00 2 rules: Any server on the internet must be fully patched, never contain critical data.
  • 7:40 I changed my position over time
  • 8:20 The rule of 90%
  • 9:45 You need to have 100% coverage to have 100% success.
  • 11:05 Why?
  • 12:38 The number one problem in cybersecurity is that CISOs are still viewed as a technical career track for world class engineers
  • 15:36 I never work a day in my life
  • 17:00 Honesty will get you the right position in a company
  • 17:35 Why I created the CISO training program
  • 18:15 What are the three tools of a CISO
  • 18:32 Ninja trick 1: The two questions
  • 20:30 What it means to do risk transfer
  • 22:33 Are the values of the CISO in alignment with the company’s values?
  • 26:06 Ninja trick 2: A mini-strategic risk assessment every quarter
  • 28:20 Ninja Trick 3: 1 slide, 4 columns
  • 29:58 Wrap up