How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs and

Become a World-Class CISO

Join Dr. Eric Cole in this episode of Life of a CISO.

This episode is all about overcoming limited beliefs.

Many of us have invisible scripts and unconscious limiting beliefs that keep us from achieving our dreams.

Listen to this episode to discover how to overcome these limiting beliefs and become a world class CISO.

In this episode:

  • 0:54 It’s not the technical knowledge that gets people into trouble, it’s the mindset
  • 2:15 The CISO can talk to the C-suite about cybersecurity
  • 3:58 Research the competition
  • 4:43 Avoid technobabble
  • 5:52 Overcome limited beliefs
  • 7:25 Everything changed when one man overcame this belief
  • 9:18 The insane power of limiting beliefs
  • 9:50 What are your limiting beliefs?
  • 11:25 Limiting beliefs aren’t true
  • 13:07 Set a goal. A big goal.
  • 14:09 COVID changed everything. Look for the good.
  • 16:33 You won’t be good at first
  • 17:07 Don’t go technobabble
  • 17:43 Have your talking points in mind before you get asked any questions
  • 18:32 Take the interviewer where you want to go
  • 20:20 None of it matters if you don’t “bake the pie.”
  • 21:34 “I make a good pie. Can I add value to your business?”
  • 24:03 Your “pie” is making a video for LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.
  • 26:52 The British Rowing Team – The 8 person boat
  • 28:28 We have to ask: What will make the boat go faster
  • 30:57 To summarize: What are the limiting beliefs that stop you, bake your pie, become obsessed.
  • 31:45 There are no guarantees, but these 3 things will make you a world class CISO