How to Get Your First CISO Job

(Without Having Experience)

In this weeks Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole walks you through the steps necessary for you to become a CISO in today’s Cybersecurity landscape. 

He gives you the perspective changes you need to succeed and tips on how to apply for CISO jobs today. 

He also gives you the traits that make a CISO great and you can find out if those apply to you. 

Join Dr. Cole to find out if you are ready to become a world class CISO.  

In this episode:

  • 0:12 It’s my favorite time of the week
  • 1:18 Have a different perspective
  • 2:30 How you do one thing is how you do everything
  • 3:30 Why I walk my new hires to their car
  • 6:48 “If I’m not a CISO, how do I become a CISO?”
  • 8:57 Frustration factor
  • 10:55 Good news if you don’t have experience
  • 13:29 Why aren’t you applying to CISO jobs?
  • 15:45 Is your CV/resume CISO-ready?
  • 19:16 Don’t lie, change your perspective
  • 21:45 How to think differently: Create a fictitious world class CISO CV
  • 23:17 What ways are you already the perfect CISO?
  • 25:34 If you don’t have experience, how do you get it?
  • 28:40 You should be getting job offers at this point