In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole discusses the power of reframing a situation. Instead of approaching a situation with an immediate reaction of rejection, he inspires you to have a different perspective to navigate and mitigate a solution for the situation and how this ties into the mindset of being a world-class CISO.

In this episode:

  • 1:00-When should you start looking for a CISO job?
  • 3:00-Why give a future date to start?
  • 4:30 -Start the process today
  • 5:00-Make your resume interview ready.
  • 7:00-The skill to master is reframing.
  • 9:00-Look at a situation from a different perspective.
  • 11:00-Do a better job of showing your value
  • 13:00-Looking at scenarios like opportunities
  • 15:00-Use cybersecurity as a business enabler
  • 17:00– Security is wrong if it negatively impacts the business
  • 19:00 World-Class CISOs always have a solution
  • 20:00-Going against the business vs addressing the issue
  • 21:00 -Addressing the issue is the superpower
  • 24:00-CEOs are always pushing the envelope
  • 26:00– New CISOs should not make too many changes
  • 29:00-Show your data in a positive manner that supports the business
  • 30:00-How can you reframe a situation?