Dr. Eric Cole believes in the idea of being world-class in all areas of your life to excel in your career. In this two-part episode of the Life Of a CISO, he explains the four main areas to focus on if you want to optimize the quality of your life.

In this episode:

  • 1:00– Intro
  • 2:00– Four areas to balance to be world-class.
  • 4:00– Optimize your body and stay healthy
  • 6:00– Mindset needs to be optimistic
  • 10:00– How are you viewing your life?
  • 12:00– Are you world-class in your personal life?
  • 15:00– Lack of communication kills most relationships
  • 18:00– Communication is not talking
  • 22:00– Understand what a CISO does to gain the title
  • 26:00– What should a CISO say during an interview process?
  • 28:00– What questions do CISOs get asked?
  • 30:00– Understand what your business is to own it