Dr. Eric Cole believes in the idea of being world-class in all areas of your life to excel in your career. In this episode of the Life Of a CISO, he explains the four main areas to focus on if you want to optimize the quality of your life.

In this episode:

  • 1:00– Intro
  • 3:00– World-class CISO must have an elite mindset.
  • 5:00– four areas of being world-class.
  • 8:00– Health is an integral part of optimizing your life.
  • 14:00– Tips on health and fitness to get in your best shape
  • 20:00– Are you world-class in your mindset?
  • 22:00– You must think about what you want and then it happens.
  • 23:00– what you currently have is what you think about
  • 24:00– comes down to whether you believe you can do it or not
  • 29:00– Things that hold you back alter your reality
  • 31:00– Pay attention and listen to your words