The US has been in official communications with China over the series of attacks they have attempted on research centers that are looking into the Covid-19. China is attempting to achieve a solution to the virus before anyone else as a way of securing power and money out of the mess that originated from their own country. 

These events are an escalation of the ongoing jabs and political attacks the US and China have been using against each other for the entirety of the pandemic. China does not wish to take the blame for the events that have shaken the world, and the US does not want to admit to any failures of containing the virus.

This race for the vaccine has much greater political undertones than simply curing the virus. China wants to use the credit and image that comes with being the first country to create the vaccine as a propaganda tool to dramatically increase their global public image which has been tarnished by being the origin of the virus. 

Such a politically charged situation has many dangerous connotations that we should be keeping aware of. However, this is an amazing example of the power cyber warfare currently holds in our society. Battles are being fought over information rather than land or material possessions, our entire society is built on the back of the phrase knowledge is power.

China is attempting to use cyber attacks as a tool to push themselves above the rest of the world in this race, but the US is holding strong well created Cyber Security procedures and frameworks. This is one of the few times that cyber attacks have been treated this seriously on a national level, going so far as the US issuing formal warnings to China. Cyber Warfare is at an unprecedented level of importance in these events, thus cyber security should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds to counter any attempts to subvert the efforts of protecting life.

These hacks have been proven to have caused setbacks to the research into the vaccine and at this time any delays simply increases the massive death toll. Not only do these attacks show an astounding amount of greed but also disregard for the lives affected by that greed. In the current unrest it is of the utmost importance to have as much knowledge as possible of the forces at play in the world.

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