Are You Running Like a Gazelle or a Lion?

Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up, and he knows he has to be faster than the slowest gazelle.

Every morning, a gazelle wakes up and knows he has to be faster than the fastest lion.

The gazelle is running out of fear and is reacting.

The lion has a clear objective and a clear strategy.

The question for you is, why are you running?

Join Dr. Eric Cole to learn about how you should be motivated as a World Class CISO.

In this episode:

  • 1:20 You have to be 360 to be world class
  • 3:20 In 15 minutes, you can be CISO material (yes, really)
  • 5:14 It’s all identity
  • 6:10 African proverbs
  • 7:33 Why are they running?
  • 10:44 Companies are running out of fear, not a clear objective
  • 12:44 How many options do you give your executives when you put together budgets?
  • 16:34 Put on your own oxygen mask first
  • 22:54 World Class CISOs recognize that you have to accept risk
  • 27:04 Review: Why are you running?