Are you a CISO or an ISO?

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole tackles the most conflicting question affecting our industry executives. “Are you a CISO (chief information security officer) or an ISO (information security officer)?” Although the functions of the role do not correlate to the level of authority, “Chief” is frequently applied. The main distinction you’ll notice is that CISOs prioritize all areas of the business.

You’ll learn what you’ll need to get initiated as a CISO and what it takes to be a world-class CISO. If you become a world-class CISO, you must increase your productivity. To increase your productivity, you must optimize your body and mind, as discussed before in our podcast on the mindset of a world-class CISO. Becoming world-class is related to both components of our discussion.

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In this episode:

  • 0:31 There’s more than just the strategy/technical

  • 1:33 I’m going to give you what you want and provide you with what you need

  • 2:44 Your overall health

  • 3:51 Cars are replaceable, your body is not

  • 7:07 I finished a 5 month’s cut

  • 9:24 What are you waiting for?

  • 11:04 The healthier you are, the more world-class you can become

  • 12:04 You can’t outrun your mouth

  • 13:24 7 day food journal

  • 16:25 Optimize your body and you can do anything

  • 16:43 Are you a chief or an ISO?

  • 18:38 A chief is responsible for everything

  • 19:50 If you’re not a CISO yet, do you really want to be a CISO?

  • 21:40 No one understands the “chief” component

  • 23:07 Be honest with yourself

  • 24:25 Talk about the business

  • 26:05 Talk to the CFO first

  • 29:09 Most people don’t ask